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Date(s) - 18/09/2020
19:30 - 21:00

Cocoon Club

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Boost your immunity

Enjoying the beautiful change of seasons without that regular cold and runny nose that we tend to catch every autumn and spring. Wouldn’t that be great?

What is immunity and how is it formed from the Ayurveda perspective? How can you support it by working on all levels – from the cycles of your daily activities, hygiene, the quality of the food you eat to the thoughts you think?

immunityYou will explore simple and practical daily steps how to enhance your vitality and resistance to diseases:

  • The optimum daily rhythm of waking up, exercising and sleeping
  • The invisible but potent power of food that is not discussed in the West; the basic principles of an immunity nourishing meal
  • The functions of the physical and subtle channels in the body; why it’s important to keep them clean
  • Yoga asanas and breathing for vibrant health
  • Simple recipes with easily available kitchen herbs to support the immunity every day


Gunita Bauere is an Ayurvedic therapist who has taken a number of courses in anatomy and physiology of human body, India- and Europe-born massages and practiced in Germany and Latvia. Currently Gunita is a student of a 4-year programme Ayurveda Practitioner at EISRA, Den Haag, and follows a Medische Basiskennis course, approved by the Dutch health authorities.

The lecture is in English. Translation can be provided if needed.


20 euros (17,50 euro for members of Léyoga).

A cup of tea and a printed reader is included

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Boost your immunity - lecture